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Cemetery History

In 1863, St. Trinity Lutheran Church purchased 10 acres of ground located on Lemay Ferry Road and Reavis Barracks Road for the purposes of establishing a cemetery. The first interment took place on April 22, 1863 - a seven year-old boy.

The cemetery was enlarged in 1924, when an additional 25 acres of farm ground adjoining the original plat was purchased. To assure the natural beauty of the cemetery, while laying out the new section, provisions were made to put aside a certain sum from the proceeds of the sale of each new lot into an endowment fund. The income from this fund is spent on the maintenance of cemetery grounds and roads.

And in 1927, a beautiful stone entrance off Lemay Ferry Road was erected.

The Administration Building was constructed in 1953, consisting of an office and large garage. Also in 1953, a building was built at the extreme south part of the cemetery to store larger equipment.

Over the years, small parcels of land were sold for various reasons. Today, St. Trinity Cemetery consists of nearly 30 acres of beautifully maintained grounds.

On January 1, 2011, Peace Lutheran Church assumed ownership of St. Trinity cemetery.  The elected Board of Directors oversees the operation of the cemetery.

In 2016, columbaria for the above ground entombment of cremated remains were constructed.